En radio, 3 y 4 de marzo

En las HISTORIAS DEL BLUES de Javeriana Estéreo este fin de semana vamos con un par de programas variados, tendremos blues clásico y blues contemporáneo.El sábado 3 escucharemos los siguientes temas:

  • Mean old world, LITTLE WALTER, Blues with a feeling ()
  • I can’t quit you baby, WILLIE DIXON, I am the blues (1993)
  • Blues ain’t nothing, JOHNNY COPELAND, Jungle swing (1995)
  • Strange brew, BUDDY GUY, Blues power: songs of Eric Clapton (1999)
  • Come on in my kitchen, ERIC CLAPTON, Me and Mr Johnson (2004)
  • I believe I’ll go back home, BIG BILL BROONZY, Good time tonight (1990)
  • Log cabin blues, BLIND BOY FULLER, East coast piedmont style (1991)
  • Blues del equipaje, LA MISSISIPPI, Antología blues (2000)
  • Gonna shoot you right down (boom boom), THE JIMMY ROGERS ALL-STARS, Blues blues blues (1999)
  • Oleo, CACTUS, Cactology (1996)
  • Christo redemptor, CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, Stand back (1967)
  • Maxi, LAS BLACANBLUS, Especial en vivo (1998)
  • Going down to Big Mary’s, SOUL CACTUS, Smell the love ()

Mientras tanto, el domingo 4 transmitiremos lo siguiente:

  • Sloopy drunk, BIG BILL MORGANFIELD, Rising son (1999)
  • Bag a day habit, MOON BOOT LOVER, Back on earth (2000)
  • 5 loop 7, THE BETH CUSTER ENSEMBLE, Respect as a religion ()
  • What you gonna do with a man like that, ROY CARRIER AND THE NIGHT ROCKERS, Living legend (2004)
  • The fortune teller, BLUES BASEMENT, Where the eagle flies (1996)
  • Dock of the bay, KENNY SON CIVALE, Soul truth and the bottom line (2001)
  • Nodoby’s fault but mine, DAVE ARCARI, Come with me (2006)
  • Twelve year old boy, FRANK GOLDWASSER, Bluju (2007)
  • Trouble with a capital T, E.G. KIGHT, Trouble (2000)
  • Lying woman, PHILLIP WALKER, Going back home (2007)
  • Back this way, HOT DAY AT THE ZOO, Cool as Tuesday (2004)
  • Leaves tremble on the tree, SHARON LEWIS WITH UNDER THE GUN, Everything’s gonna be alright (2004)
  • Raydaddy’s blues, BOB MALONE, Bob Malone (1998)
  • River rat Jimmy, KELLY JOE PHELPS, Shine eyed mister zen (1999)


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