Historias del Blues en radio, 4 y 5 de junio de 2016

En 2016, Historias del Blues celebra 20 años al aire. Este fin de semana: Bridget Kelly Band, Elam McKnight Band, Gus Spenos, Tweed Funk, Bill Phillipe, Eric Clapton, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, The Hitman Blues Band.

Sábado 4 de junio
Bridget Kelly Band, – Outta the Blues (Alpha Sun Records, 2016)
“Up And Gone (Smokestack Lightning)”
“Dangerous Man”
“Lonely Night In June”
Elam McKnight Band – Radio (Big Black Hand, 2016)
“Hard Times They Is”
“Hold Me (Just A Little Bit Longer)”
“Night Wanderer”
Gus Spenos – If You Were Gold Baby (2016)
“Ivy League”
“Walkin’ With Mr. Lee”
“Cry Hard Luck”
Tweed Funk – Come Together (Tweed Tone Records, 2016)
“Who Is This”
“Soul Rockin’”

Domingo 5 de junio
Bill Phillippe – Parade (Arkansas Street Records, 2016)
“Blues Comes Calling (Home)”
“Little Zion”
“Take It With Me”
Eric Clapton – I Still Do (Surfdog Records, 2016)
“I Will Be There”
“Stones In My Passway”
“I’ll Be Allright”
The Hitman Blues Band – The World Moves On (Nerus Records, 2016)
“Catch-22 Blues”
“Angel In The Shadows”
“I’m All About You”
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal – Running From Love (Silver Street Records, 2016)
“Part Of A Man”
“The Evening Train”

Historias del Blues se transmite sábados y domingos a las 5 p.m. (-5 UTC) por Javeriana Estéreo, 91.9 FM en Bogotá, con audio en vivo en internet a través de http://www.javerianaestereo.com.


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